The Motivated Mama Society is OPEN!

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What is the Motivated Mama Society?

The Motivated Mamas Society is a monthly membership community designed specifically for moms who believe there is more out there. That your life doesn’t have to feel like you’re holding things together with duct tape – not enough money, not enough sleep, and endless to-do list.

In the Society, moms are surrounded by other women who want to do big things and live life on their terms. We love women who want to live in their full truth, no matter what other people think.

Within the Society, you'll get ongoing accountability, education, and support to reach your financial goals so you can afford a life you love, now and in the future.

Society Mamas get...

A yellow brick road and friends to walk it with, not just a dark forest of information.


5 courses that give you the skills and knowledge to chart a money path that works for you.


Each month in the Society, we host live masterclasses on money, business, self-care, or mom-life.


Get comfy, have fun and get your toughest questions answered every month.


Hang out with your mom friends, get advice and accountability, and grow together!

All for just $29 a month!

"Being amongst Chelsea and this fantastic group of mamas is what I've been looking for for such a long time. It's so nice to talk money, life, goals, books, parenting and more in a safe place."

- Rachelle

"The resources and connections Chelsea the Society provides has SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED my stress related to debt. I’ve been given advice and information to change my attitude/mindset of my situation. Priceless!!!"

- Kelly

"The Motivated Mama Society is truly a sisterhood. You never feel stupid asking a question. Everyone makes it ok not to know something and we support each other."

- Sade

The Motivated Mama Society is currently open for new members!

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