Thriving Money Planner

Organize your finances, align your spending with your values, & create a thriving relationship with money.

  • Money mindset worksheets to stay centered in abundance
  • Simple budget & spending trackers
  • Gratitude built into every weekly plan
  • Long-term planning built-in with net worth trackers, debt payoff charts, and more!
Grab your Thriving Money Planner for $29!

Why the Thriving Money Planner?

Money is so much more than dollars and cents. It's emotional. It connects with our ability to have security and get the things we most want in life. Yet, most money planners or money management systems focus only on the cold-hard numbers.

I wanted to create a way to organize your finances that incorporated positive mindset, effective goal setting and tracking, and intentional spending and saving so you can create the life you most want.

The Thriving Money Planner helps you to practice gratitude and mindfulness with your money. You'll create regular goals, re-write money mantras, and reflect on wins - growing your financial knowledge and confidence every day.

What's Inside?

Thriving Mindset

Worksheets covering Money Mindset, Values & Priorities Worksheet, Frugal Joys, Long-Term Goals Worksheet, One Year and Six Month Goals

Budget Planner

Planner pages include Monthly Action Plan, Monthly Spending Plan, Weekly Plan, Budget Expense Tracker, Month in Review

Financial Heartbeat

Templates for an Annual Finance Tracker, Net Worth Tracker, Monthly Bill Tracker, Sinking Funds Tracker, Savings Goal Trackers

Debt Payoff Trackers

Reach your debt freedom goals with a Debt Payoff Priority List, Debt Payment Tracker, Debt Payoff Charts!

Grab your Thriving Money Planner & Start Building Healthy Financial Habits!

I want the planner for $29!

Peek Inside!


Why use a paper money planner instead of an app?

We learn and remember better with pen and paper.

Writing stimulates the reticular activating system (RAS) in our brain. This fancy part of our brain acts as a filter for everything that that giant, complicated organ has to process. So, by writing instead of typing, we wake up the RAS and signal to our brains that the information is more important.

In short, our brain allows us to remember things more clearly, sort through our thoughts and feelings more effectively, and better reach our goals when we write with pen and paper.

Plus, it's a lot harder to "forget" our random little expenses when we have to write them down each day!

What size are the planner pages?

U.S. Letter size, 8.5"x11"

What if I am unhappy with the Thriving Money Planner?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us at hello[@] in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

I have more questions. Where can I ask them?

You can reach us any time at hello[@]! We're happy to answer any questions you have.

I want the Thriving Money Planner for $29!

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I'm the founder of Smart Money Mamas and its monthly membership community, the Motivated Mama Society. I am dedicated to changing the way we talk about money, helping moms connect with all aspects of their money in a way that lets them overcome emotional blocks, identify what they most want, and create the healthy money habits that help them achieve their biggest goals. All while modeling positive money relationships for the next generation.

I created the Thriving Money Planner to help you on that journey!

I'm Ready to Get My Thriving Money Planner & Start Building Healthy Financial Habits!

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